CPDP LatAm 2024

Artificial intelligence and data transfers in Latin America

Artificial intelligence and data transfers in Latin America

* Simultaneous English, Spanish and Portuguese translation will be available.

The “Artificial Intelligence and data transfers in Latin America” Conference is a satellite event of CPDP Latam organized within the framework of the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA).

The Conference includes three sessions focused on the main challenges and opportunities for the implementation of AI in Latin America with regard to data protection and international data transfers.

The first session of the event will be dedicated to the challenges of international data flows and their impact on AI governance and will have a multistakeholder format, bringing together some of the region’s leading experts, regulators, business leaders, innovators and civil society representatives.

The second and third sessions will be dedicated to the presentation of the CPDP LatAm 2022 publications, exploring various intersections between AI governance and data protection, analyzing key issues at the Latin American level, such as: algorithmic transparency, AI ethics and algorithmic discrimination, new regulatory models, etc.

Speakers of the second and third session will be the authors of articles published in the two official publications of CPDP LatAm 2022 on Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Latin America: a special edition of Computer Law & Security Review, and a special edition of Revista Brasileira de Direitos Fundamentais e Justiça.

Panel 1 (9:30h - 11h, Brasília Time)

Moderator: Luca Belli (CTS-FGV)


  • Ana Brian Nougrères (UN Rapporteur for Privacy);
  • Laura Mendes (Adjunct Professor, CEDIS-IDP);
  • Lee Matheson (Senior Counsel, Future of Privacy Forum);
  • Jonathan Mendoza (Secretario de Protección de Datos Personales, INAI);
  • Daniel Stivelberg (Coordinator of the Data Governance and Regulation group, Zetta);
  • Paula Vargas (Director of Privacy Policy for Latin America, Meta).

Panel 2 (11h - 13h)

Moderator: Nicolo Zingales (CTS-FGV)


  • Luciano Freitas & Ronaldo Moura: “Gender aesthetic normalization in social media: the Brazilian women as portrayed on Instagram”
  • Pablo Trigo Kramcsák: “Can legitimate interest be an appropriate lawful basis for processing Artificial Intelligence training datasets?”
  • Paula Ponce: “Direct and indirect discrimination applied to algorithmic systems: reflections to Brazil”
  • Katerina Demetzou: “The Thin Red Line: Refocusing Data Protection Law on ADM, A Global Perspective with Lessons from Case-Law”
  • Yasmin Curzi, Luca Belli, Walter Gaspar: “AI Regulation in Brazil: Advancements, Flows, and Need to Learn from the Data Protection Experience” 

[Lunch break]

Panel 3 (14h - 16h)

Moderator: Ivar Hartmann (Insper)


  • Bricio Melo & Henrique Cardoso: “Sistemas de inteligência artificial e responsabilidade civil: uma análise da proposta europeia acerca da atribuição de personalidade civil”
  • Ramon Costa & Bianca Kremer: “Inteligência artificial e discriminação: desafios e perspectivas para a proteção de grupos vulneráveis frente às tecnologias de reconhecimento facial”
  • Matías Mascitti: “La función preventiva de los daños causados por la robótica y los sistemas autónomos”
  • Erica Bakonyi & Nicolo Zingales: “Aceitabilidade do nudging: a necessidade de uma resposta multidimensional”