CPDP Latam 2021


In July 2021, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas Law School will host the first Latin-American edition of the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference (CPDP LatAm). 

In preparation for CPDP LatAm 2021, a call for rapid response papers was launched to foster research on “Data Protection at a Time of Social Emergency: COVID-19, Democracy, Innovation and Regulation in Latin America”. 

We received 107 submissions, the CPDP LatAm team selected a few for publication on special issues of the Journal of International Data Privacy Law published by Oxford University Press (IDPL; English papers) and of the Brazilian Journal of Fundamental Rights and Justice (DF&J; papers in Portuguese and Spanish). The selected papers, presented below, cover a broad gamut of subjects.

Papers selected for the IDPL special issue (coming soon here):

  • Editorial: Data Protection and Social Emergency in Latin America. Luca Belli & Nicolo Zingales.
  • Digital contact tracing against Covid-19: A governance framework to build trust. Sacha Alanoca, Nicolas Guetta Jeanrenaud, Isabela Ferrari, Nyasha Weinberg, Nicolas Miailhe and R. Buse Cetin.
  • Data-driven measures to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 in South America: How do regional programmes compare to best practice? Tais Fernanda Blauth and Oskar Josef Gstrein.
  • Open data on the Covid-19 pandemic: Anonymisation as a technical solution for transparency, privacy and data protection. Thiago Moraes, Amanda Nunes Lopes Espiñeira Lemos, José Renato Laranjeira de Pereira, Alexandra Krastins Lopes and Camille Moura.
  • Rights under quarantine? A case study of limitations to privacy, freedom of expression, and access to information during the state of emergency in Peru. Andres Calderon, Susana Gonzales and Alejandra Ruiz.
  • Voice-based remote medical diagnosis: ethical and legal issues. Marco Almada and Juliano Maranhão.

Papers selected for the DF&J special issue (which can be accessed here):

  • La dicotomía de la ética y la legalidad de los datos personales en aplicaciones de contacto. Sr. Jhon Aldemar Caballero Martínez and Dra. Teresa Genoveva Vargas Osorno.
  • Catalogo de datos COVID-19. Transparencia, innovación y compromisso social. Danielle Mendes Thame Denny, Emre Kazim, Adriano Koshiyama
  • Protección de datos y transparencia de la información: Perspectivas para la regulación post-pandemia en una sociedad digital desde algunas experiencias latinoamericanas. William Ivan Gallo Aponte, Daniel Wunder Hachem.
  • Tecnologias de perfilamento e dados agregados de geolocalização no combate à Covid-19 no brasil: Uma análise dos riscos individuais e coletivos à luz da LGPD. Diego Carvalho Machado, Laura Schertel Mendes.
  • Inteligência Artificial e Big Data no diagnóstico e tratamento da Covid-19 na América Latina: Novos desafios à proteção de dados pessoais. Miguel Kfouri Neto, Rodrigo Da Guia Silva, Rafaella Nogaroli.
  • COVID-19: a necessidade de disciplina adequada à proteção de dados sensíveis no Brasil. Ivo Corrêa, Felipe de Paula, Beatriz Bellintani.
  • Inteligência Artificial na saúde e a proteção de dados: Reflexos na Crise Covid-19. João Carlos Hipólito Bernardes Do Nascimento, Maria Leonildes Boavista Gomes Castelo Branco Marques, Nayara Hanna Santiago Costa, Maria Isabel Boavista Gomes Castelo Branco, Tâmara Beatriz Santos, Roger Vitório Oliveira Sousa.
  • Os Dados e o Vírus: Tensões jurídicas em torno da adoção de tecnologias de combate à Covid-19. Rafael Augusto Zanatta, Bruno Bioni, Clara Iglesias Keller, Iasmine Favaro.

In addition to the two special issues, due to the considerable number of high quality papers we received in response to the call, the CPDP LatAm team has decided to publish an official CPDP LatAm compilation which will be launched during CPDP LatAm 2021, in July 2021.