CPDP LatAm 2024

Ethics and Compliance

All conference participants must adhere to the Getulio Vargas Foundation’s code of ethics and conduct, available below and via the provided link. Adhering to these principles is essential to ensuring an environment of respect, integrity, and collaboration, values that are the foundation of our event’s success and credibility. CPDP LatAm 2024 is proud to promote an inclusive and safe space for all, where the exchange of knowledge and experiences can occur ethically and respectfully. Any complaints, inquiries, or reports can be made through the channel provided at this link. Your cooperation is essential to maintaining the excellence and trust in our conference.

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Call for Panels
Data Governance: From Latin America to the G20

This call focuses on debates organized by academic groups, research projects, think-tanks, civil society organizations, public authorities, intergovernmental organizations, corporations and other research organizations.

CPDP LatAm 2024 will be hosted by FGV Direito Rio’s Center for Technology and Society, in Rio de Janeiro, on the 17th and 18th of July 2024. Considering the Brazilian presidency of the G20 in 2024, CPDP LatAm will be dedicated to the central theme “Data Governance: From Latin America to the G20”, and will be followed by a one-day event on “Digital Sovereignty in the G20”, on July 19, 2024. CPDP LatAm 2024 will be an official side event of the T20, the G20 think tanks.

The event will serve as a platform to foster the discussion and elaboration of solutions regarding the issues raised by legislative productions, business and government practices, new concepts, recent events and much more. CPDP LatAm will include a track dedicated to the Latin American meeting of MyData, in which innovative approaches to data protection will be explored.

Submission fees, exemptions and support

It is important to note that the institutions, organizations or research projects that are chosen as a result f the call for panels will be considered as partners of the CPDP LatAm 2024 event. This means that partners will be available to finance all costs related to the participation of the panel’s speakers in the amount of R$599 (USD 120) per participant.

Depending on their for profit or non-for-profit nature, partners may receive a series of benefits such as: brand recognition on the website; insertion of material in the conference package; and the complete registration of the panel participants at the conference. Non-profit organizations that are unable to afford the event fees may get in touch after submitting the panel’s proposal, requesting an exemption of the registration fees.

Speakers whose session proposals have already been accepted and who need funding to participate to CPDP LatAm 2024 should contact us until May 20th , 2024.


Proposals by experts from all areas and disciplines are welcome, which are related to the conference theme, covering the most diverse levels of research regarding Data Protection, Cooperation and Innovation in Latin America. We are looking, however, preferably for panels that address the following themes:

      • Comparative studies dedicated to data governance in the G20 or some of its members
      • Data transfers mechanisms
      • Digital Public Infrastructure and data protection in Latin America and the G20
      • Regional and international frameworks dedicated to data governance
      • Multistakehoder bodies or initiatives aimed at facilitating data governance
      • Privacy enhancing technologies
      • Data protection and privacy enhancing technologies in the Web3
      • Legaltech and Lawtech approaches to data protection
      • Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection, including Algorithmic transparency, Ethical and/or regulatory approaches to AI
      • Analyses of existing provisions related to AI in Latin American data protection regulation
      • Portability and interoperability of datasets
      • Analyses on group privacy and other collective rights
      • Analyses on good or bad practices in personal data governance
      • Challenges and opportunities for automated management of data protection compliance
      • Digital Trasformation and Data Protection
      • Digital Transformation and the governance of countries’ Data Infraestructure Layer
      • Accessibility issues and Privacy techniques for people with disabilities
      • Usable privacy and security case studies
      • Case studies of discrimination stemming from (ab)use of personal data in Latin America
      • Case studies of AI applications that might be particularly interesting to tackle Latin American issues with data driven solutions
      • Data Rights, Workers and Platform Regulation
      • Data Protection and Environmental Regulation

    We value panels that are multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary, coming from as many locations as possible and also organized by men and women. We encourage the most diverse types of sessions, including formats such as debates, round tables, workshops and other unconventional academic approaches. For more information on the rules for composing and submitting a panel, see the Rules for Submitting and Composition of Panels.

    The panel’s projects must be submitted through the form below.

    Important dates

        • Deadline for submission of panels: May 15th, 2024, at 23:59

        • Deadline to receive acceptance response: May 30th, 2024

        • Completion of the panel organization: June 15th , 2024

        • CPDP LatAm 2023 Dates: 17-18 July 2024.

      Rules for submission and composition of panels

          • Make sure that you can afford the financial conditions for the submission of the panel (fee of R$399 (USD 85) per participant) or explicitly request support during the submission process. Also make sure that all speakers and moderators can afford travel and accommodation costs.

          • Each panel may have a maximum of four speakers and a moderator.

          • Participants cannot accumulate speaker and moderator roles in the same panel, and must perform only one role.

          • Each participant can become, at most, speaker of two sessions and moderator of another session, excluded plenary sessions

          • The same person cannot participate as a speaker in more than two panels at CPDP LatAm, excluded plenary sessions.

          • Each panel will have a total duration of 75 minutes and a minimum of 25 minutes of each session must be reserved for questions and answers.

          • If you would like to propose an alternative format for the panel, please contact the Programming Committee.

          • The organizing institution cannot have more than two participants on the panel.

          • Each panel must be balanced in terms of gender and geographic origin, comprising at least two women and no more than two people from the same country, with at least representatives from three different countries. The panel must also be diverse in the disciplinary and sectoral spheres, not only containing lawyers or academics or representatives of companies.

          • If you have a special reason to propose a panel that does not meet these terms, contact us and we will consider your request.

          • NEW: if you are interested in proposing a CPDP LatAm “under the hood” talk to explore a specific issue with a 20-minute keynote, followed by a 25-minute chat with participants, please state it in the form.

          • The panels must be consolidated by 30 May 2024. If a panel still has many pending issues by the deadline, the CPDP LatAm Organization reserves the right to intervene and take control to ensure the viability of the panel.

        If these rules are not followed, the Organization reserves the right to intervene and resolve any problems.

        Panel submission form

        Form submission is now closed.